Tixs for Kids Helps the Gonzales Family

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On December 18th, 2006 Carmen Gonzales and her family were awakened at 10:30pm when their home was engulfed in flames.
Carmen who is paraplegic in a wheel chair and the rest of the Gonzales Family all got out of the burning house without anyone being hurt.
The Gonzales Family lost everything in the home. Tixs for Kids decided to do what it could to help out. Tixs for Kids enlisted the help of the Bethlehem Masonic Lodge in Belen. Boy did they come through! On January 26th The Gonzales Family were presented with a bed, couch, toaster, and everything but the kitchen sink.
Thanks to The Bethlehem Masonic Lodge in Belen and Hub Furniture for all their help!
Back row: Bob and Joe from Bethlehem Masonic Lodge, Anna - Jackie - Sara - Richie - (Wendy & John from Eagle 98)
Front row: Mrs. & Mrs. Gonzales - Candice - Carmen

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